Warm Custard Soap

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Warm Custard soap is cinnamon and spice and everything nice. The lard in this bar lends saturated fats that will greatly benefit your skin and leave it feeling moisturized. Avocado oil is also fantastic when it comes to hydrating and softening the skin. The cinnamon bark essential oil gives this soap its warm, rich, custardy yellow color. Warm Custard soap is palm oil free.

This soap is scented with a mix of woodsy Himalayan cedarwood essential oil, a pop of peppermint essential oil, and a hint of spice from the cinnamon bark essential oil. The key is remembering that this is not actually dessert disguised as soap.

INGREDIENTS (in order of weight)
Rice bran oil, distilled water, organic coconut oil, lard, sodium hydroxide, avocado oil, castor oil, white kaolin clay, Himalayan cedarwood essential oil, peppermint essential oil, cinnamon bark essential oil, sodium lactate, rosemary antioxidants, blue mica, white mica.

In keeping with our social and ethical responsibility goals, our lard and tallow supplier, Pine Trough Branch (PTB) Farm, is a local farm, growing beyond-organic vegetables and the highest-quality meat from free-range animals born and raised on pasture and forest land. All of their meat production is certified as Animal Welfare Approved. For more information see their website here.

Keep your bar of soap dry in between uses by placing it on a soap dish that properly drains (not directly on the tile or in a non-draining dish!). This is not a requirement to be able to enjoy your soap, but it will help to extend its life.

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2 Reviews

Melissa Apr 23rd 2020

Warm Custard soap

This is the first one of Christi's I tried and it got me hooked. I make sure to include this one in every order. It makes your skin so soft and the smell is very pleasant. My husband loves it too.

Christina Dec 8th 2018

Amazing Soap

You won't regret it. Really enjoyed using this soap, makes a simple shower or hand wash a luxurious retreat. I will be back for more!

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