Orange Bliss Conditioner Bar

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Orange Bliss Conditioner bar will leave your hair silky and smooth after using our Tea Tree Shampoo bar or our Rosemary-Mint Shampoo bar. This bar contains cocoa butter, hydrating silk, and panthenol, all of which will give bounce and shine to your hair. Just a few swipes down the length of your hair, post shampoo, will leave your hair feeling luxurious, making this bar extremely long lasting.

Note that there is a transition period in going from using store-bought shampoo/conditioner to using a shampoo and/or conditioner bar. And, after using a shampoo bar, you also always need to follow up with an acidic rinse. I talk more about this process here.


The orange wax in this soap gives it its amazing sunny color, and will leave you smelling delightfully of an orange grove.

INGREDIENTS (in order of weight)
BTMS-50, BTMS-25, orange wax, cocoa butter, cetyl alcohol, cetrimonium chloride, panthenol, hydrolyzed silk, phenonip (a natural preservative).

Keep your bar of soap dry in between uses by placing it on a soap dish that properly drains (not directly on the tile or in a non-draining dish!). This is not a requirement to be able to enjoy your soap, but it will help to extend its life.

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5 Reviews

Kimberlee Osterlund Jan 16th 2019

Orange bliss Conditioner bar

I am in love with this conditioner bar! The smell is amazing!!! It only takes a few swipes on your hair, work it through from scalp to ends! Leave in for 5-10 min is what I do and rinse. My hair feels like silk. I have color treated dry hair and this condition bar makes my hair feel so soft!!!!!

Natalia Gill Nov 6th 2018

This has been a MIRACLE for my hair!

I have a lot of hair - wavy/curly, dry/oily combo - and was in a major hair funk. I had started exploring expensive hair lines and they were not helping at all. My hair was acting confused, damaged and just overall non-cooperative. This conditioner (along with a shampoo bar - tea tree, rosemary mint or coconut oil bar) has been a miracle for my hair. It tames frizz and flyaways to the point that I don't have to use any product afterwards (this was not the case at all before - I HAD to use some sort of smoothing product). It instantly brought my hair to its full natural potential and continues to do wonders for my hair several months after making the switch. I usually slide the bar down my hair a few times and then disperse it with my hands.

And as a tmi side note - our rushed morning routine had me sharing a hairbrush with my daughter who had an unknown case of lice. Her case was really bad and they were shocked at the treatment center that I didn't have it! Looking at the ingredients in my shampoo and conditioner bars, I'm confident my new hair routine was a big reason for that. Needless to say, my daughter is now using it!

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