Hemp & Shea Soap

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Hemp & Shea soap is as pleasing to your eyes as it is to your skin. This soap is made with the addition of hemp seed oil, which is known to be able to moisturize the skin without clogging pores, making it ideal for all skin types. The lard in this bar lends saturated fats, helping your skin to feel soft and smooth. White kaolin clay is added to this bar, helping to create an incredibly lush and silky lather. The eye-catching layers in this soap come naturally from the hemp seed oil, lending its lovely green hue, and the addition of titanium dioxide, giving the brightening white layer. Hemp & Shea soap is palm oil free.

This soap is left unscented to keep it as gentle and soothing as possible. Any scent comes naturally from its ingredients.

INGREDIENTS (in order of weight)
Distilled water, lard, organic coconut oil, hemp seed oil, sodium hydroxide, pure olive oil, shea butter, castor oil, white kaolin clay, sodium lactate, titanium dioxide, rosemary antioxidants, hemp hearts.

In keeping with our social and ethical responsibility goals, our lard and tallow supplier, Pine Trough Branch (PTB) Farm, is a local farm, growing beyond-organic vegetables and the highest-quality meat from free-range animals born and raised on pasture and forest land. All of their meat production is certified as Animal Welfare Approved. For more information see their website here.

Keep your bar of soap dry in between uses by placing it on a soap dish that properly drains (not directly on the tile or in a non-draining dish!). This is not a requirement to be able to enjoy your soap, but it will help to extend its life.

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2 Reviews

Shelley Campbell Aug 21st 2020


This soap makes my skin happy. It lathers beautifully and leaves my skin feeling soft and cared-for. I would describe the scent as subtle, natural, and clean. Great for anyone with dry skin!

Jane Sep 9th 2019

Love this soap!

I have used this soap and I LOVE it! Of course, I love all of Christi's soaps, but this one is especially wonderful! It has a rich lather and cleans without drying my skin! I get out of the shower without feeling dry. In fact, my skin feels silky and smooth when I get out of the shower - a very nice feeling indeed!

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