Rinsing on the Go

If you are following my blog posts, you have likely read this post about my natural hair care routine, and how using an acidic rinse after cleaning your hair with a shampoo bar is a necessary step in order to smooth back down the scales on your strands of hair, which become raised during the shampooing process. There, I explain that my go-to rinse after using one of my shampoo bars is the super-simple apple cider vinegar rinse, which is one part apple cider vinegar to three parts water. This is the one I use on an everyday basis (or, really, every two to three days, as I have found since starting this natural hair cleansing/conditioning process that I have to clean my hair less often!) because it takes nearly no time to mix up and have ready in the shower, which is great for my typical busy, scheduled days.

However, my husband and I are soon headed on a nine-day vacation to Maine, and that got me thinking about packing, and how to make things easier on myself. Seeing as our trip will involve airline travel, and the fact that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) would likely frown upon me trying to get a bottle of apple cider vinegar onto the plane, I began looking into a powdered option. Taking a dry mix in a bottle such as this or this seems like a much easier travel option than dealing with something in liquid form. 

This recipe takes a bit more forethought, and a little more elbow grease, but the extra effort pays off in that you use a very small amount for each shower, so it will last you quite awhile. The acid for the rinse comes, obviously, from the citric acid in the recipe, and the silk powder helps give your hair a nice sheen. Horsetail herb helps add shine, and marshmallow root contributes some excellent detangling properties. The ingredients are as follows:

Simply measure out the ingredients into a dedicated coffee grinder (you know, one you for these such DIY projects—not the one you use for your daily cup of joe) and grind it into a fine powder. Be sure to wear a dust mask or otherwise prevent yourself from breathing in the dust; I am all about the safety precautions! Use a funnel to pour the powder into your designated storage bottle (a travel-sized shampoo bottle works well too), and there you have it! To use, simply mix 1/4 teaspoon into 1/2 cup of warm water in a plastic container (no glass containers in the shower—again, safety first!), and take that with you into the shower to use after shampooing with your shampoo bar.

This, combined with a shampoo bar and a conditioner bar, and I will be set for my trip, with guaranteed ease through airline security. And my hair will thank me for being so well prepared.