Finding Balance

If you are anything like me, you have a to-do list that runs about a mile long. Perhaps you are super organized, and you have all of those projects and errands and phone calls and meetings all written out in list form. Or maybe you are more technologically savvy, and have input them all into a digital list on your phone. Or, again, you might be like me—someone who has made an attempt to be all neat and organized, but really just has this ridiculously long list running constantly through their mind, with the most pressing items poking at their mind's eye until the tasks are completed, and finally cast out of their brain.

Regardless of their format, these lists can often feel like a certain heavy weight on your shoulders, and, with the busy lifestyles we live today, it can seem the lists are never ending. But I can tell you one thing for sure. When I am able to sweep an item or two away and free up a little brain space, it feels amazing.

But life is also not just about forming and checking off lists. I have found that life is about finding balance between all areas and aspects of these never-ceasing to-dos. As a small business owner, and, namely, a soap maker, my time these days is often most dedicated to simply that—making soap. And I enjoy it, so that is an added bonus. But, let's get real. I cannot just make soap all day and ignore all of the other areas of my life. I have a family. I like to be involved in my girls' school and related activities. There are dance classes to which kiddos need transported. There is grocery shopping to be done. And a house needing cleaning. And there is self care, and relationship care (this girl needs some yoga and some outdoor activity and a date night every once in awhile). And so on. And so on. Thus, we find ourselves spreading ourselves out over all of these areas of our life, and trying our best to find a balance between all of them. And let's be honest here—this can be hard.

There are expectations and doctor's appointments and piles of papers that need attention. There are little people who want to be helpers, and little hands in everything. (And when am I supposed to take a shower?)

As hard as it can sometimes seem, though, I will occasionally have a super productive day, where tasks have been checked off, I have managed to squeeze in that yoga class, the family and I have had some time around the table together, and I can smile, be thankful, and declare it was a good day. The house might still be a mess, and it might feel like I will never get to finishing the KonMari-ing project I started weeks ago. But that is okay. And it is okay for you too. Your lists will still be there tomorrow. And you can be happy and pleased with what you accomplished today.

So grab yourself a nice bar of soap and go take a long soak in the tub. You deserve it.