Does a Shampoo Bar Really Do the Job?

For those of you who have your hair routine down, and have been using store-bought, bottled shampoo and conditioner for years, you might find switching over to shampoo/conditioner bars a bit frightening. I know this, as I was right there with you up until a little over a year ago, when I decided to take the plunge and give it a whirl. And, I have to tell you—I love my current hair care routine.

Basically, just about any bar of soap sold on the Farm&Field web site can be used as a shampoo, but you will notice that some are actually labeled as a "shampoo bar," and that is because there are likely ingredients in those bars that might be specifically beneficial for hair; for instance, the tea tree oil in the Tea Tree Shampoo bar is a known antiseptic, and helps to prevent such conditions as head lice and dandruff. I have been using this bar for quite some time now, and I just love its natural, earthy scent, and the slight tingly feeling on my scalp. But my hair routine in the shower does not stop there.

An alkaline shampoo bar raises the scales on your strands of hair, making it feel quite coarse and prone to tangles if you do not follow up with an acidic rinse, which smoothes those raised scales back down. These acidic rinses (which really end up being a slightly acidic water) can be made from vinegar, lemon juice, kombucha, or powdered citric acid. My go-to over the past many months has been a one-to-three ratio of apple cider vinegar to water. I love it because it is super easy to mix up, and I can just put it in one of those plastic, condiment-style, squeeze bottles, making for easy application in the shower as well. And, no, I do not go around smelling like a pickle. You will smell the vinegar in the shower, but once your hair dries, the vinegar scent is gone.

I then end with the silky smooth finish of running a conditioner bar down my hair, starting just below the crown of my head. After a few swipes and another rinse in the water, my hair is left feeling wonderful.

Now, I will warn you that there is an adjustment period when switching from store-bought shampoo and conditioner to that of the natural, bar variety. Your hair might appear a bit oily and greasy for a few days as it adjusts to the new, more natural ingredients. But don't fret—it will be looking good again in no time. And you will feel so much better after taking the leap. I know I did.